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Arrest Warrant Issued For Person Accused Of Spreading Lee Si Young Sex Tape Rumors

BY Julie Jones | Aug 28, 2015 09:09 AM EDT


An arrest warrant has been issued for the reporter who was spreading false rumors about actress Lee Si Young.

The reporter is accused of spreading false rumors about the existence of a sex tape that supposedly starred the actress. Not only did the rumors claim that such a sex tape existed but they claimed that Lee's agency J. Wide Company was using the tape to blackmail her and that the actress tried to kill herself once the footage was spread through social media.

J. Wide Company wasted no time in denying rumors that she was in a tape or that they were using it for blackmail.

"We confirmed the contents of this rumor," said the J Wide Company representative. "And it is absolutely false."

The company's CEO Jeong Deok Gyun spoke about the rumor to the Korean media outlet Korea Times.

 "If there was a problem between us and Lee, how could she keep showing herself up on TV screens these days?"

The agency also denied reports that the actress tried to commit suicide as a result of the sex tape scandal. Charges were promptly filed against the person who was spreading the rumors.

"We regard the unverified rumors as severely damaging her reputation as well as causing her pain," said a statement by the agency. "All the content is false."

The person who allegedly spread the rumors will be charged with slander, which can result in seven years or more of prison time and a fine of $50,000.

Police investigators tracked down the person who allegedly started the rumors. While reviewing the evidence they obtained from that person, they concluded that the woman in the video was not Lee Si Young.

Even though a suspect is being arrested, J. Wide Company told the Korean media outlet XSports News that the agency will continue to pursue anyone who spreads the rumors online.  

"Lee Si Young has been hurt in the most humiliating way a woman can be hurt," said an agency representative.

At the time the rumors began to circulate Lee Si Young was playing a house painter in the drama "Valid Love." Her most recent drama role was playing a detective in the OCN suspense thriller "My Beautiful Bride."

The actress, also an amateur boxer, is currently in training for Korea's national boxing team. She would like to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.

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