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Kim Hyun Joong's Legal Representative Reaffirmed His Position On Paternity Test, Ex-Girlfriend

BY Adrienne Stanley | Sep 17, 2015 12:53 AM EDT


The latest development in the on-going legal battle between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend resulted in a September 17 press conference. While insiders speculated that the results of the paternity test involving the K-pop star and his ex-lover would be revealed, the press conference did not provide an opportunity for media outlets to hear paternity results. 

A report published by the Korean outlet, OSEN, highlighted the key points of the event. 

Kim was not present for the 12 p.m. press conference, which was led by his lawyer. He opened the event by providing the position of Kim, in regards to the paternity test. While his ex-girlfriend claimed that he was unwilling to take a DNA test, his legal team stated that the pop star had already done his part in providing evidence for the exam.

The most substantial portion of the media event focused on a handwritten letter, which firmly presented the position of the Hallyu star, in regards to his ex-girlfriend and the baby. In his letter, he expressed his sadness at recent reports regarding the delivery of the baby and his lack of knowledge about the paternity. 

Key points of his letter were published by the Korean outlet, Newsen. This letter included his apology to audiences for the situation and provided insight into his sentiments about the on-going legal preceedings. 

"I completed all of the documentation and preparation for the DNA test, while in the army," said Kim, in his handwritten letter. 

He went on to discuss his alleged difficulty in obtaining information from the other side. 

"Right now, the other side has only told me the gender of the child, but not the child or its blood type," said Kim. "They are telling lies so that I cannot get close to the baby." 

He expressed his desire to take full responsibility for the child, through his letter. However, he provided clarification about the role he would take in the future of the baby, if it was his child. Kim expressed that he would be willing to remain within the life of the child if he was the father, but would not pursue marriage with his former lover. 

"Although there may be a child, there will be no getting back together with Miss Choi," said his lawyer in a statement published by Newsen, after receiving instructions from Kim to pass the message on to those present at the press conference. 

He concluded his letter with a plea for understanding from fans and expressed his wish to keep the identity of the child out of the press. 

"I will be patient and do all that I can as a father," said Kim, regarding the possibility that he could be the parent of the baby. "I sincerely ask this; I do not want any information about the baby to be exposed, anywhere." 

During the press conference, his lawyer presented a photo, which depicted Kim in his military uniform during the medical procedure, as evidence that the necessary DNA material was provided. However, his legal team stated that his ex-girlfriend continues to withhold DNA for the baby, which prevents Kim from having an independent test conducted. 

On September 16, the actor and singer announced the emergency press conference through statements issued by his legal team. This development followed previous reports regarding the birth of the baby that his ex-lover alleged was his child. 

Legal woes involving the 31-year-old woman who is referred to by Korean media as Ms. Choi or A began on August 21, 2014, when it was revealed that she had filed domestic violence charges against the "Boys Over Flowers" star.

The claims were initially investigated by the police, but charges were dropped. His ex-lover claimed that she dropped the charges due to her love for the SS501 member, however, it was later revealed that she received a settlement for approximately $512,000 USD or 600 million KRW.  

The on-going legal battle included claims by the woman that the pop star had sent text messages about the alleged assault and her subsequent alleged pregnancy. 

In July 2015, Kim began the process of countersuing his former lover for several reasons including defamation of character.

An article published by EDaily writer Lee Jung explored the reasons for the press conference and the impact that the on-going litigation has had on his career. "There are already reports that Kim Hyun Joong has received a big blow to his image as an actor," said Lee, in the EDaily report. 

Meanwhile, the K-pop idol continues his active duty service in the Korean military. 

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