Kim Hyun Joong Won't Meet Ex And Her Legal Team Anticipates Custody Battle

Kim Hyun Joong

Recent statements by Kim Hyun Joong's lawyer confirm that the actor-singer will not meet with his ex-girlfriend, named only as Ms. Choi. But statements by her legal team suggest they are ready for a custody battle.

The controversy continued recently when various Korean media outlets reported differing accounts of whether Kim would take the DNA test confirming that he is the father of Choi's baby. In a September 17 press conference, Kim's lawyer Lee Jae Man confirmed the star's position. Kim, who starred in "Inspiring Generation" and "Boys Over Flowers," was both willing to take the test and to support the child, once his paternity was confirmed.

Lee Jae Man read a letter by Kim, saying he was saddened by the lack of information he received about the baby and by the false reports about his unwillingness to take the DNA test. 

"Right now, the other side only told me the gender of the child, but nothing about the child or its blood type," said Kim in the letter. "They are telling lies so that I cannot get close to the baby." 

Lee Jae Man said that Kim provided all necessary documentation for the DNA test while he was in the army. But while he was willing to support the child, he did not want to marry his ex.

"Although there may be a child, there will be no getting back together with Miss Choi," his lawyer said in a statement published in the Korean media outlet Newsen.

On September 21, Choi's side was notified of the test and asked to provide the baby's DNA. But there was some hesitation from her side.

"We would like the DNA testing to occur somewhere we can trust," said Choi's lawyer Sun Jung Moon in a statement published in Nate News.

Sun's comments also suggest that another legal battle looms for Kim and his ex.

"We will go to the judiciary to decide the child's name, surname, paternal rights and who can give more love to the baby."

So far, Kim's legal team said nothing about requesting custody.

Sun Jung Moon asked Kim if he would like to meet with Choi. But Kim said no.

Kim and his ex are currently involved in two lawsuits. Choi sued him for $1.6 million dollars, claiming psychological damages from a pregnancy she alleges she lost during an incident of physical abuse. His legal team is counter-suing her for defamation and the fact that she broke a previous financial settlement that required her silence on the abuse incident. Kim was charged with abuse in 2014 and paid a fine. After that the couple reunited, vacationed together and broke up. In January 2015 Choi announced she was pregnant with his child.

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