‘Itaewon Class’ Actress Kim Hye Eun Shares Thoughts on Her Role as Sultry News Announcer in New Drama ‘The Road’

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Kim Hye Eun comes back to the small screen after starring in several popular dramas in 2020 JTBC's "Graceful Friends" and "Itaewon Class." She also appeared as a guest in SBS' medical romance melodrama "Dr. Romantic 2."

"The Road" (also known as "The Road: Tragedy of One") is Kim Hye Eun's first drama in 2021. 

Kim Hye Eun Shares Thoughts on Becoming a Sultry Announcer in 'The Road'

The 49-year-old actress started her career in 1997 as an announcer and weathercaster in MBC before venturing into her acting pursuits.

In her new drama "The Road," actress Kim Hye Eun stars Cha Seo Young, the sultry news announcer who will do anything she could do to succeed.

'The Road' Still Cuts
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She shared that working as a news announcer before taking on the role in the drama was a great asset for her. The actress is expected to give an excellent performance for her role in the new drama.

Kim Hye Eun described her role as a person who "doesn't know the value of life other than a trophy for success and recognition from the world."

According to the actress, Cha Seo Young is unique in a way that her personality is merely expressed with her sultry look, wet silky hair, and makeup. Her accessories are luxurious and expensive, a glimpse that she only wants the best in life. 

'The Road' Still Cuts
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Fans and viewers have expressed their excitement for the new drama. Her role in "Itaewon Class" set the bar high for her and fans expected the actress to meet their strong expectations.

'The Road' Synopsis and Cast

tvN's new mystery-thriller drama, "The Road," tells the stories of ungodly desires, darkest secrets, guilt, and salvation of the residents of Royal the Hill, a place where only the top one percent of Koreans live.

On one fateful night, an unexpected accident and the hidden darkest secrets connected with it result in confusion and silence, leading to another tragedy.

"Move to Heaven" actor Ji Jin Hee landed the role of the news anchor Baek Soo Hyeon. He is a trusted news announcer, but he will do anything to get what he wants. He might appear trustworthy, but he is a cold-hearted secretive man. 

'The Road' Still Cuts
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Seo Eun Soo, played by "SKY Castle" actress Yoon Se Ah, is married to Baek Soo Hyeon (Ji Jin Hee). She is a popular miniature artist and the daughter of the chairman of the steel group. Her life is filled with heavy influence in the political and economic world. 

'The Road' Still Cuts
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"Should We Kiss First?" actor Kim Sung Soo takes on the role of Sim Seok Hoon, a Metropolitan Investigation Unit detective and a childhood friend of Baek Soo Hyeon. They burned bridges after an unusual incident took place in their peaceful Yeongsan home.

"Awaken" actor Baek Ji Won, "Dating Agency: Cyrano" actor Lee Jong Hyuk, "Racket Boys" actor Ahn Nae Sang, "Chicago Typewriter" actor Chun Ho Jin, and "Kingdom: Ashin of the North" actor Kim Roi Ha also appear in the new drama series.

The star-studded production cast raises strong expectations from the general public. "The Road" is expected to give the fans and viewers an excellent acting performance that sets the new drama apart from other Korean dramas.

'The Road' Production, Details, and Release Date

The new drama "The Road" is based on Rintaro Norizuki's work. It is helmed by filmmaker Kim No Won and penned by screenwriter Yoon Hee Jung.

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The drama will consist of 12 episodes with 70 minutes running time, every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. KST.

"The Road" is scheduled to premiere on August 4 on tvN.

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