NCT Jaehyun Workout Routine: How the ‘Dear.M’ Actor Maintains His Sexy Abs Despite Having a Busy Schedule?

NCT Jaehyun
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NCT Jaehyun Workout Routine
(Photo : NCT127 Instagram)

NCT Jaehyun is one of the brightest idols who is part of SM Entertainment's talented K-Pop boy group NCT.

Having a healthy body and being presentable are some of the elements that most of the fans get attracted to when it comes to their favorite Korean artists.

Since its debut, many were already praising NCT Jaehyun's charismatic figure. May it be in magazine photoshoots or music videos, he has a strong appeal that can easily capture both fans and non K-Pop fans' attention.

How Dear.M Actor Maintains His Healthy Physique?

One of its subunits, NCT127, just had a successful comeback with their third full album "Sticker." During the promotion of their album, many were captivated again by Jaehyun's fit figure and sexy abs.

The idol-actor rarely displays his body much, but when he does, netizens are in awe of how Jaehyun maintained his six- pack abs despite having busy schedules.

NCT Jaehyun
(Photo : NCT127 Instagram)

In most of the NCT vlogs, where they shared their normal daily activities or a behind the scenes to their dance practice, Jaehyun's fit figure was caught on camera. His abs are toned and look natural.

Luckily, lots of people who were curious about Jaehyun's fitness routine got the chance to know what kind of exercise he does to maintain his figure. In a "NCT Daily" video, Jaehyun revealed his usual workout routine.

NCT127 Jaehyun
(Photo : NCT127 Instagram)

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NCT Jaehyun Combines Dancing and Gym Exercises to Fulfill His Body Goals

Gym exercises are the routines that Jaehyun normally follows. Doing warm-up exercises is his best way to condition his body before doing hard routines. Once he is done with the first step, the "Lemonade" singer does muscle-building exercises that include upright rows, barbell rows, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, barbell back squats, and alternate planks. He also uses other gym equipment to have a full blast stay in the gym.

With these sets of routines, Jaehyun also has his personal trainer to guide and help him all throughout the gym session.

Aside from the gym exercises, Jaehyun's most common routine is dancing. Since he is an idol, Jaehyun spends most of his time in the dance practice room with his members. With all the physical fitness routine that he does consistently, the "Dear.M" actor successfully maintains his sexy abs and healthy body.

(Photo : KBS)

Aside from being the main vocalist, lead dancer, lead rapper, and one of the visuals of the group, NCT. Jaehyun also began his acting career journey. He is expected to lead his first-ever K-Drama "Dear.M," which was already scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2021, but got postponed due to Park Hye Soo's bullying allegations.

On the other hand, many are still looking forward to his acting debut with "Dear.M" soon.

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Written by Shai Collins.

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