Kim Hyun Joong's Lawyer Says That Kim Will Take Responsibility

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong's lawyer appeared on the SBS news program "TV News At Night" to offer more information about the lawsuit filed against the actor-singer by his ex-girlfriend.

In a lawsuit, filed on April 7 with the Seoul Central District Court, Kim's ex-girlfriend requested $1.48 million (1.6 billion won) in damages. She cited her alleged pregnancy with his child and also cites alleged psychological harm suffered as a result of their relationship. His agency, Key East Entertainment, confirmed the lawsuit after it was reported in the media on May 4.

It was not the first time that the relationship between Kim and his ex-girlfriend, known only as Choi, has resulted in legal action. In August 2014, she alleged four instances in which he assaulted her. He denied all but one physical fight. She withdrew the charges after he apologized publicly and privately but since one set of injuries had been documented, Kim had to pay a $5,000 fine.

The couple reunited briefly, vacationed together, broke up, and in January 2015 she announced that she was pregnant with his child. This led to rumors of a marriage, which both parties denied. What happened next remains a matter of contention between them. His family wanted her to visit a doctor of their choice to confirm the pregnancy. She refused.

 "She continuously sent messages asking him to make decisions as a father and said she would take legal measures if he didn't," said Kim's attorney Jung Yun Suk. "Then she filed a case for 1.6 billion won."

Jung explained the amount of the lawsuit.

"The claim for her mental distress only takes up about a few million (won), but other than alimony, she doesn't think she's going to get all of it," said Jung. "She just expressed her distress through the amount of money."

On May 5 it was reported that Kim Hyun Joong would enlist for his mandatory military duty. He asked for a deferment for personal reasons, as Choi was due to give birth in September. But he will now report for basic training on May 12.

"There is word that the case will influence his attendance in the military," said Jung. "A civil suit can go on without the concerned party, with a substitute. When the DNA checks out that he is the real father then he's going to take responsibility."

Choi first charged Kim with assault shortly after he finished appearing in the drama "The Inspiring Generation." He has not acted since then.

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