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Lee Jong Suk's Instagram Message Referred To Identity Theft

BY Julie Jones | Jul 24, 2015 08:44 AM EDT


When actor Lee Jong Suk recently posted a statement on Instagram, people assumed that he was making a comment about his relationship rumors with actress Park Shin Hye. The “Pinocchio” co-stars were rumored to be in a relationship, following several sightings of them together, but both stars’ agencies have denied that they are romantically involved.

"Distressingly, things that I'm not even aware of keep happening," Lee Jong Suk posted on Instagram.

But the Korean media outlet Korea Times revealed on July 24 that his statement had nothing to do with the relationship rumors but referred to the theft of his personal seal. According to this agency, Wellmade, a man stole the 26-year-old actor’s personal seal.

In Korea, a personal seal or stamp is used as identification and to sign documents. A man, identified as Cho, somehow obtained Lee Jong Suk’s seal. He used the seal to get an exclusive management contract and lure investors into giving him large amounts of money. He then created fake bank accounts in Lee Jong Suk’s name. The theft was reported to the police and a suspect was apprehended.

Wellmade released an official statement to clarify the situation. This is the gist of their official statement, which was published in several newspapers, including The Korea Herald.

“We would like to make a statement about the news of Lee Jong Suk’s identity theft.

As Lee Jong Suk’s management agency, we have confirmed that the perpetrator used Lee Jong Suk’s personal information and forged documents, gathering investors with hundreds of millions of won. As soon as we realized this, we filed a case with the police against the perpetrator for forgery of documents and fraud, and he was arrested on July 22. We plan to follow through with this case to the end without showing leniency.

We hope that something like this will not happen to any other celebrities.”

The model-turned-actor and his agency are planning to take legal action against those involved.

Lee Jong Suk is an actor best known for his appearances in the dramas “School 2013,” “I Hear Your Voice,” “Doctor Stranger” and “Pinocchio.”

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