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Jul 01, 2015 08:15 AM EDT
Kdramastars Awards: And The Winner Is?
For most of our contest, the closest competitors have been “Producer” actor Kim Soo Hyun and JYJ singer and “Girl Who Sees Smells” star Park Yoo Chun. It has been close but as of today both Kim Soo Hyun and his latest drama have been declared as the winners in two of the four voting categories.
Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk
Jun 30, 2015 11:59 PM EDT
Are 'Pinocchio' Stars Lee Jong Suk And Park Shin Hye Dating In Real-Life?
Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye have been romantically linked, due to a report from Dispatch.
Kim Soo Hyun
Jun 29, 2015 08:35 AM EDT
Kdramastars Awards Update: Who Will Win?
There’s only a short time left to vote in the Kdramastars first half of the year awards. And today some categories are not so sure any more.
Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung
Jun 23, 2015 09:32 AM EDT
Kdramastars Poll Update: Who Made The Top Five, Who Didn't
The winners in the Kdramastars poll are the same as yesterday but what's interesting is who didn't make it into the top five.
Warm and Cozy
Jun 22, 2015 09:32 AM EDT
Five Ways K-Dramas Have Influenced Our Buying Decisions
The writers at Kdramastars are very much in love with k-dramas. That’s probably obvious, right? We obviously watch and enjoy a lot of dramas. But what we never realized until recently was the way k-dramas have started to influence our buying habits.
Shin Se Kyung and Park Yoo Chun
Jun 22, 2015 08:42 AM EDT
Kdramastars Awards Update: Park Yoo Chun Is Back On Top
Park Yoo Chun and his most recent drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells” are back on top. The JYJ singer and actor had knocked Kim Soo Hyun and his most recent drama “Producer” out of first place in the Best Actor and Best Drama categories of the Kdramastars awards.
Park Shin Hye in Ming Pao Weekly.
Jun 20, 2015 06:46 PM EDT
Park Shin Hye Looks As Beautiful In Business Wear As She Does In Formal Dresses
Park Shin Hye is stunning in photos for Ming Pao Weekly and Bruno Magli.
Park Yoo Chun
Jun 19, 2015 10:22 AM EDT
Kdramastars Poll Results: Kim Soo Hyun And Park Yoo Chun Keep Swapping Places
Kim Soo Hyun and Park Yoo Chun seem destined to battle it out for first place in our awards. Their dramas are dueling for first place in the Best Korean Drama in the First Half of 2015 and they keep alternating for first place in the Best Actor category.
Jun 18, 2015 08:13 AM EDT
Kdramastars Award Update: Gong Hyo Jin And IU In Top Five Actresses, Kim Soo Hyun Best Actor
It’s day four of the Kdramastars awards and “Producer,” starring Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun and IU, remains in the lead with a healthy 32.86 percent of the vote.
Jun 17, 2015 09:06 AM EDT
The Results Of The Kdramastars Poll: Park Yoo Chun And Park Shin Hye Get Bumped
What a difference 24 hours makes. “Producer,” starring Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun and IU, has knocked “Girl Who Sees Smells” out of first place in our Kdramastars poll.
Park Shin Hye portrays the Queen in 'The Royal Tailor.'
Jun 17, 2015 07:50 AM EDT
Win Tickets To See Park Shin Hye's 'The Royal Tailor' At The New York Asian Film Festival
'The Royal Tailor' starring Park Shin Hye and Yoo Yeon Seok will screen at the New York Asian Film Festival.
Won Bin
Jun 16, 2015 11:40 AM EDT
Five K-Drama Stars Who Rewarded Their Parents With Homes And/Or Businesses
Some k-drama stars are really good at rewarding their parents for the love and support they received during the formative years.
Girl Who Sees Smells
Jun 16, 2015 09:49 AM EDT
Park Yoo Chun Wins Big On The Second Day Of The Kdramastars Poll
The second day results of the Kdramastars awards suggest there are plenty of JYJ fans among our readers.
Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk
Jun 15, 2015 09:16 AM EDT
Don't Forget To Cast Your Vote In The Kdramastars Poll
So far, the frontrunner for best drama is "Pinocchio," starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye. That drama jumped ahead in the first day and currently has 30.61 percent of the vote.
Lee Min Ho
Jun 12, 2015 11:53 AM EDT
The Most Popular K-Drama Stars In China
Lee Min Ho and Lee Jun Ki maintain huge fan followings in China.

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