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Millions of fans expressed their support for BLACKPINK's Jisoo and her upcoming drama "Snowdrop" after the show gained criticism regarding historical distortion.

It came after JTBC released a new statement addressing the allegation surrounding the romance drama.

JTBC Once again Spoke out on the "Snowdrop" Controversy

In a lengthy statement, the broadcasting network reiterated that the forthcoming show "is not a drama that deals with the pro-democracy movement."

Furthermore, the management explained that "Snowdrop" is a "fictional story" set under the "political situation surrounding the 1987 presidential elections."

As for the accusation that the new drama is romanticizing North Korean spies, JTBC explained that the

In their statement, they explained that the main characters, who are a North Korean spy and an NSP agent, "are not characters who represent their respective government and organization," but rather, these roles "highlight a critical viewpoint on the NSP."

Concluding their statement, the network revealed that they would be changing Eun Young Cho's name, which is portrayed by BLACKPINK's Jisoo, after receiving backlash that it represents the democracy activist Chun Young-Cho, adding that the "Snowdrop" protagonists do not participate in or lead protests in the storyline.

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"Snowdrop is Coming" Trends on Twitter to Support Jisoo

Following JTBC's announcement, "Snowdrop is Coming" instantly went viral as millions of Blinks flocked to Twitter to express their support for the girl group member.

With this, one fan showed her eagerness to defend the Kpop star amid the allegations.

The same goes with the second user who echoed the same sentiment.

Meanwhile, others pointed out how proud they are of the BLACKPINK member and expressed how thrilled they are to see Jisoo be the lead star for the first time.

Unfinished Synopsis of "Snowdrop" Leaked Online

Earlier this month, "Snowdrop" faced online criticisms after an unfinished synopsis leaked online.

The storyline reportedly depicts the story of a male lead who is a spy that infiltrated the 1987 Democratic activist movement.

Meanwhile, the other male character is working for the Agency for National Security Planning (NSP).

This era was a significant moment for South Korea's popular democratic movement since it paved the way for the country's fight against the authoritarian regime that prompted the start of the nation's democracy.

"Snowdrop" Cast and Release

Directed by Jo Hyun-Tak, whose famous works include "Mirror of the Witch" and the movie "Second Mother" and written by "Sky Castle's" Yoo Hyun-mi, "Snowdrop" follows the story of Eun Young Cho and Im Soo Ho, portrayed by Jung Hae In, who are both students at the prestigious university in Seoul.

Aside from the duo, the lead stars also include Yoo In Na as Kang Cheong Ya, Jang Seung Jo, who'll portray the role of Lee Kang Moo, Yoon Se Ah as Pi Seung Hee, and wrapping of the main characters is Kim Hye Yoon as Kye Boon Ok.

The forthcoming drama is set to be released in June 2021 with 20 episodes.

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Written by Geca Wills

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